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So, the past few days have been soooo crazy! Reykjavik is an amazing party town. I will call it a town, not to sound too American, but it is a very, cozy and cute little capital. There is definately a buzz about it though!! We arrived in keflavik around 4 pm on saturday afternoon, and took a bus into Reykjavik for around £14! I called my couchsurfing contact gummi from the bsi central bus station... He was still at work, so told us to keep busy for a few hours and head over to his place later! We decided it was time for something to to eat.... But we didn't have in mind local delicasy "sheep head"! It actually wasn't that bad. The eye ball was interesting and the flavour was a little strong but otherwise it was well worth a try.
We arrived at gummi's place around 9pm. His younger sister was round. She found it funny to try and teach us Icelandic, in the end I felt rather happy with the few words I knew! Once she was picked up by "father", gummi announced it was parttty time! In amazing fashion and 10mins, we got ourselves ready for a night on the tiles! We took the bus down to central and then exploited everything the bars on "laugavegur" had to offer! Gummi and his friends were insistent on taking us too loads of different bars! In many of the bars and clubs there is no door charge, which is a refreshing change from most scandinavian and most worldly towns and cities! We mist have returned home at some early hour..... 7amsounds about correct! Very good night! The average beer price was about £4!
Sunday wad as the lord intended it to be.... A day of rest! Hangover!
Momday morning came around, and with a fresh week, came time to leave Reykjavik and get on the saddle! Our first destination was to be akranes, however due to a no access to foot passangers or bikes, we began to re-route ourselves around the bay untill we hit considerably stronger winds than anything us weather moaning Brits had ever experienced before! Raising a tent, out of the question. Walking or cycling 20 yards a massive challenge! No exageration the mix of the harsh rain slapping you in the face and the wind doing whatever it wanted with you, we were at the peril of nature! A car soon pulled over, and old lady asked if we needed a place to stay? Hope and smiles. She called her friend to come and pick us up and take us to their lodge. A beautiful little summer lodge, surrounded by nothing but fields. A mountain to our rear, the bay to our front and islandic horses grazing around the lodge. Thank god, we had been dropped in heaven!
Anyway the battery on this palm top phone is nearly dead so Here is your Icelandic lesson for this blog......
Ja = yes
Nei = no
Takk = thankyou
Saell = hello to a male
Sael = hello to a female
Above ae are supposed to be together like the Danish note, and sounds very much like the English word for eye! Good luck with those words, colours and days of the week will be in the next blog!!!! Haha

I read a passage in book that said "elfish children are just as shy as human children". Still no encounters with them yet though!

Over and out!
Bless = goodbye

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